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In the drive for more effective marketing tools to win over the minds (and wallets) of new customers, or to improve employee engagement, increasing numbers of businesses are turning to video wall technology. First emerging in the late 1980s, video walls were initially used in situations where multiagency collaboration was required, such as disaster management or high-level government meetings. With the advent of more advanced technology, video walls have become an accessible tool for businesses looking to make an instant impact on consumers and colleagues.

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What Is Video Wall Technology?

Video walls comprise of a series of monitors that are arranged in a tile formation to create a single large screen. Specialist hardware and software is required to seamlessly operate the video wall, acquire static and dynamic content, and control where, when, and how content appears.

Video walls have made a strong impact on many industries and are used in various environments, from transportation hubs and shopping centres to corporate workplaces and outdoor public spaces.

How could a video wall benefit your business and improve the prominence of your brand?

Improve The Quality Of Your Business Communications

Video walls are the ideal vehicle for conveying all sorts of information instantly to a large audience, incorporating both text and images. With a vast number of pixels, they can feature information in many formats and from different sources, improving the quality of your company’s communications.

Easy To Control

Despite the complexity of video wall technology, its operation is simple. Video wall controllers offer total control over the display so that the content, configuration, and timing of advertisements can be customised without special training or knowledge. For sites with multiple video walls, a common cloud-based software platform facilitates the distribution of information across several screens, all controlled from a central location.

Easy User Interaction

Video walls add a level of engagement that isn’t possible with static displays: for example, users can browse different pages of information by touching different points on the screen.

A Reliable Way To Make An Impression

Whether you’re looking to communicate with consumers or employees through your signage, it’s vital to make a strong first impression when communicating with your target audience. When screens are out of service, your audience will likely be unimpressed, particularly in an age where technology is at the forefront of most people’s daily experiences. Cutting-edge video walls that utilise the latest technology offer exceptional reliability and enhanced performance, guaranteeing to make a powerful impression however they are deployed.

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