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At Image Technique, we provide high-quality and reliable bespoke signage solutions for businesses across the UK in a variety of sectors, including retail, entertainment, healthcare, education, and public services.

Our bespoke signage service is at the heart of everything we do. Although the processes for manufacturing signs from different materials may be the same from one customer to the next, the designs themselves are always subtly unique and tailored to the needs of our clients.


What are bespoke signs?


There is nothing standard about bespoke signage. Everything is made to fit in perfectly with your specifications, fonts, and colour choices, and to tie in with your branding strategy. A walk down an average high street will expose you to hundreds of different signs, all of which are designed for a specific purpose and express a unique design philosophy and brand identity.


Our job, when working with you, is to create signage that clearly expresses the purpose for which it is intended – whether that is promotional, informational, or wayfinding – and does so in a way that captivates your audience and showcases your company ethos and brand identity.


why commission bespoke signage from Image?

Image are a great choice for bespoke signage because of our approach to design and installation, and the way we manage the entire process in-house.

  • Design: Drawing on our expertise and experience, we use a consultative process to bring our customer’s ideas to life. Following a careful assessment of your needs, we work with you to produce working prototypes, drawings, and samples – until you are completely happy with your design.
  • Manufacturing: We produce signage and graphics using vinyl, aluminium, steel, acrylic, and MDF, with all fabrication and construction done in-house.
  • Assembly & Installation: We offer a complete on-site installation service, with a fixing team fully trained in health and safety and quality standards.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: We offer a range of competitively priced maintenance services to ensure your signs continue looking great throughout their working life.

Endless options for your bespoke signs


With our bespoke signage solutions, the possibilities are endless. We offer a range of premium materials, finishes, and design options to create truly unique and tailored signs that perfectly complement your brand identity and environment. From sleek metal and architectural glass to natural stone and innovative lighting techniques, we bring your vision to life through meticulous craftsmanship and artistic flair.


Our customisable approach ensures that every detail, from size and shape to graphics and messaging, is tailored to your business’s specific needs, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves a lasting impression on your customers or visitors.


Bespoke signs for your every need


Our bespoke signage solutions are designed to meet your business’s evolving needs, so we offer a range of tailored solutions that maximise the impact of your interior or exterior signs while complying with all relevant health and safety regulations and planning laws.

By choosing Image Technique for your signage, your business can:

  • Enhance the impact of its branding and advertising.
  • Provide customers, service users, or visitors with wayfinding information.
  • Promote products and services.
  • Comply with safety regulations.
  • Stand out from its competitors.
  • Increase footfall and sales, including attracting new customers.
  • Strengthen the connection between your brand and its customers.
  • Convey consistent professionalism and credibility.

Why choose us for bespoke signage?


  • 25+ years of experience in crafting high-end, bespoke signage solutions.
  • Fast turnaround times to meet your project deadlines.
  • A creative design team skilled at bringing your unique vision to life.
  • A one-stop service for increased convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • A responsive approach to working with you, so you will never be cast adrift.
  • Professional advice to maximise impact and ensure you get the most


find out more


To find out more about our bespoke signage design service, the first step is to get in touch for an initial chat, after which we can schedule a consultation to find out more about your requirements. Please click here to arrange a call back or give us a call directly on 01527 388991.


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