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Customised Design Features 

Image Technique can enhance your corporate and commercial signage with a wide range of customised design features to improve functionality and increase brand engagement.

With customised design features, your commercial signage can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and effectively convey your messages.

  • Graphic design elements such as bold colours, special images, and bespoke typography can be used to create high-quality signage that catches attention from a distance.

  • 3D designs, embossed elements, illuminated displays, or even interactive presentations can help businesses stand out from the crowd in a more engaging and eye-catching way.

  • Add LED lighting or embossed lettering to emphasise the unique elements of your business and make a strong impact on your visitors, customers, and/or clients.

The right choices in customised design can transform your external office displays, shop fronts, digital boards, and window displays, making them eye-catching and appealing while still communicating a clear and concise message.



What Are Your Options?

Examples of customised design features we can use to personalise your commercial signage:

  • Illuminated LED Signs

Illuminated signs are a great way to make your premises stand out on a busy high street, business park, or city centre, especially at night. LED lights are a popular choice for modern illuminated signs as they are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan.

  • 3D Lettering

Bespoke 3D lettering is a bold way to bring depth and dimension into your external and internal signage designs. 3D letters can be fashioned from a variety of high-quality materials, including acrylic, metal, and wood.

  • Neon-Effect Bespoke Signs

Neon-style signs are a classic choice for attention-grabbing commercial signage displays. They are visually striking and can be customised to any colour or design you desire.

  • Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl window graphics are a versatile and cost-effective option for commercial and retail signage. These stylish and conspicuous graphics can be applied to almost any surface and come in a nearly endless variety of colours and potential designs.

  • Digital Signage

Digital signage is infinitely customisable and is an ideal way to grab attention and deliver dynamic content to multiple audiences. Customisable digital signage can be used for everything from displaying menus in restaurants to promoting special offers in shops.

  • Customised Graphics

Customised graphics can enhance your wayfinding and promotional signage and make it unique to your business and meaningful to your customers. Our experienced graphic designers can work with you to create custom logos, illustrations, and even photos that can be printed onto your signage for truly unique effects.


Find Out More

To discover the benefits of customisable signage and how Image Technique can help you, please call 01527 578533 today, or click here to message one of our signage design team.

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