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sign installation

Signage installation is the critical ‘make or break’ stage of the process. Once you’ve taken the time to commission new signage, approved exciting new designs, and watched your new materials take shape in the workshop, a lot depends on the final few steps of the journey – safe and correct installation.

Unfortunately, this is the stage in which a lot of signage projects go wrong. Even the best signs can get damaged during installation, compromising the appearance or effectiveness of the signage, or causing costly delays.

At Image, therefore, we place great importance on providing a professional and seamless installation, whether this involves installing a complete wayfinding system, or simply changing over a couple of wall-mounted plaques. With signage installation, it’s the details that are important. Here’s how we ensure that your carefully laid plans don’t collapse at the last hurdle:

  • Highly Trained Team: Our installation crew are fully trained in health and safety, with up-to-date IPAF, CSCS and PASMA training, as well as extensive experience in manual handling, hygiene, working at height, customer service, and operating the appropriate tools and machinery.
  • Site Survey And Risk Assessment: Each installation is preceded by a full site survey, health and safety plan, and risk assessment, which identifies any potential hazards and problems ahead of time, so that plans can be prepared to protect your premises and the public.
  • Compliance: Many external signs require local authority approval prior to installation, so we work with the authorities in your area to ensure that all relevant licences, insurances, and safeguards are in place to comply with the expected standards.
  • Site Preparation: Prior to installation, we will liaise with you to make sure that all preparations are made well in advance, such as delivery of materials, assembly of scaffolding etc. This ensures that the installation runs smoothly and there are no unexpected delays.
  • Installation: The installation itself is carried out at a time of your convenience, with the flexibility to accommodate your service users, customers, and opening hours. Our team will arrive with all the tools and equipment they need to carry out their job effectively, and we always aim to complete installation in the shortest time possible.


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