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Illuminated signs provide subtle, energy-efficient visibility for your brand displays and wayfinding notices under all light conditions – without having to install expensive up-lighting. At Image, we specialise in modern illuminated sign design and construction, using durable materials and eco-friendly LEDs to create custom signage that enhances your brand identity and vision.

Illuminated signs add greater impact, flare and contrast to a wide range of signage types, and our past projects include illuminated shop front signs, external signs for offices, airports and universities, and internal signs for hotel and corporate reception areas.

energy-efficient illuminated signs

Old-fashioned illuminated signs – think Times Square or Piccadilly Circus in the 1980s – were huge, cumbersome, and expensive installations. These signs required a large supporting infrastructure of electrical wiring and mountings, used a lot of electricity, and produced a lot of waste heat. They were costly to run and, in environmental terms, were extremely wasteful.

Since the advent of affordable and sustainable LEDs, however, the potential for genuinely energy-efficient illuminated signs has increased. Modern signs use a tiny fraction of the energy of their older counterparts and, thanks to the ease and convenience of LED lighting design, have a greater potential for design flexibility. Moreover, LED lighting arrays provide high quality illumination for tens of thousands of hours, needing little maintenance once installed.

Our modern illuminated signs are strong and lightweight, fashioned from durable materials such as acrylic, vinyl and stainless steel. This makes our signs easier to position and install in a wider variety of locations, with heavy duty brackets, welds, and bolts replaced by tape, specialist glue, and lightweight fittings.

With a commitment to sustainable materials, paints, and design practices, every illuminated sign we create at Image is imbued with the spirit of environmental responsibility and sustainable upkeep.

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At Image, we provide an end-to-end service for illuminated signs, incorporating design, assembly, installation, and after sales care. Our highly qualified team use the latest tools to carefully create and fabricate your sign according to your specifications and implement your signage on-site with minimal disruption to your business. If you would like to find out more about illuminated signage and the applications for your business, please feel free to give one of our design team a call today.

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