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fire safety signs

Fire safety is of utmost importance, and clear and visible signage is key to preventing hazardous incidents. At Image, we provide bespoke, high quality, eye-catching signage for all fire safety environments.

These include large, illuminated fire safety signs, flex face signs, warning labels and posters, reception signs, directional signage for floors and pavements, printed blinds, and digital advertising panels.

Our signs are designed to draw attention to fire safety regulations, warn of potential dangers, and keep everyone safe. 

A fire exit safety signage in a new property development that adheres to government safety legislation for residents

Different types of fire safety signs


At Image Technique, we can provide all the fire safety signs you need for your premises, enhancing the protection of people and property and strengthening legal compliance:

  • Fire extinguisher signs
  • Fire exit signs
  • Fire alarm call point signs
  • Fire door signs
  • Fire hose reel signs
  • Emergency assembly point signs
  • Fire escape route signs
  • No smoking signs
  • Flammable substance warning signs
  • Fire prohibition signs (e.g. No Open Flames)
  • Fire instruction signs
  • Fire lift signs
  • Fire alarm test date signs

Importance of fire safety signs


Fire safety signs play a critical role in preventing fires and minimising damage and protecting lives in emergencies. At Image Technique, our signs, which are an essential part of a fire safety strategy, can improve:

  • Visual communication: Fire safety signs provide immediate visual information about potential hazards, the location of fire-fighting equipment, and emergency exit routes, ensuring occupants can respond promptly.
  • Awareness: Fire safety signs raise awareness and instil a sense of preparedness among occupants, making them more likely to follow proper procedures.
  • Legal compliance: All commercial and public buildings are legally required to have fire safety signs, strengthening compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • Vigilance: Our signs are a constant reminder to occupants to maintain vigilance and follow proper procedures, thereby reducing the risk of fire and increasing the likelihood of a successful evacuation.
  • Asset protection: By prioritising fire safety signage, building owners and managers safeguard valuable assets and property, as well as human lives.

why choose Image?

In our 20+ years in business, we’ve been privileged to work with some of the country’s leading retail and hospitality brands. We have an enduring passion for creative retail signage that effectively conveys information while simultaneously expressing the customer’s unique brand identity.

We work across the UK and provide a full, end-to-end design and installation service, with an innovative approach that integrates your signs within your overall branding and marketing strategy. As one of the country’s leading retail sign design companies, we pair contemporary design with in-house craftsmanship, to create artistic statements for any application.

Fire safety signs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why is fire safety so vital?

Fire safety is vital because smoke and flames can spread incredibly quickly, causing catastrophic loss of life, injuries, and damage to property. Implementing comprehensive fire safety measures, such as alarm systems, fire-resistant materials, emergency plans, and regular inspections, helps to prevent fires, enables a swift response in an emergency, and safeguards occupants and assets.


Why do we need fire safety signs?

Signage is an important component of effective fire safety as they alert people to potential fire hazards, the location of fire-fighting equipment, and emergency exits and evacuation routes. They play a critical role in promoting fire safety awareness, ensuring a quick and efficient response during emergencies, and ultimately saving lives and property from the devastating effects of fire.


What do yellow signs mean in fire safety?

Yellow fire safety signs convey warnings about potential fire hazards in a specified area, and usually have a black symbol which relates to the type of danger present. Yellow fire safety signs, which may be triangular, are important visual cues that alert people to fire risks.


What does a blue sign mean in fire safety?

Blue fire safety signs, which usually feature white writing, state compulsory precautions that people must observe when using an area within a building. For example, all fire doors should be equipped with a blue ‘Fire Door Keep Shut’ sign to reduce the risk of them being left open.


Do you have a sign for fire alarm test dates?

Yes, we can provide fire alarm test date signs which are essential reminders of when alarms should be professionally checked.

what next?

To bring your branding to life, you need a design partner in your corner who understands your business and your target market, and how retail signage ties in with other aspects of your brand identity – so the first step is to give us a call so we can listen to what you need. With an understanding of your business, your timescales, and your budget, we can recommend the best solution to achieve your goals in the most efficient way, which may include shipping, assembly, and installation if required, as well as design.

To find out more, please call 01527 388991 today, or click here to send us a message.

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