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Image are one of the country’s leading experts in digital signage and display solutions, combining cutting-edge bespoke design with the most reliable display technology to provide engaging digital displays for a wide range of applications.

what are digital signage displays?

Digital displays use LED lighting, projection, LCD screens, and display boards to project advertising slogans, wayfinding information, educational content, or even live stream video feeds. As the cost of digital displays has fallen, digital signage and advertising is now found everywhere, from cinema receptions to hotel lobbies, shops, and bus shelters.

The beauty of digital signage is that digital display screens can present virtually any type of video or graphics, allowing an unprecedented level of variety and personalisation. The commercial applications of this design freedom are wide and varied; in retail, animated gifs can give customers a better idea of how clothes look in practice, and on advertising hoardings, a greater number of branded promotions can be displayed within the same space, while hospitals and attractions benefit from interactive maps and information tools.

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As a digital media and graphics specialist, we can work closely with you to implement powerful and cost-effective digital display solutions for any environment – whether you need a digital menu board for a restaurant, temporary display screens for an event, or an impressive digital centrepiece for a shop front. We implement and project manage every aspect of the process, including the advertising and signage design side, the digital display technology, the back-office coding aspect, and the technicalities of installation and maintenance.

To find out more about the exciting field of digital display and signage, please get in touch with one of our design team today.


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