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5 Ways To Make Your Signage Stand Out From The Crowd In 2022!

Your business signage is a key element of your brand environment – your company’s presence in its locality – and, when designed correctly, it can be a powerful tool for attracting new customers to your door. Like the cover of a book – whatever the adage may otherwise say – your signage helps customers to form their first impressions of your business, catching their attention and conveying a potent message about your organisation and the products or services you deliver.

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If you are exploring ways how to make a business sign stand out, the experts at Image Technique can help. Our end-to-end service starts with designing signage that accurately reflects the ethos and aims of your business, so that it accurately conveys your unique brand identity. Having supported some of the UK’s leading businesses, we possess the experience and expertise to design winning signage solutions, making us the first choice for your image makeover.

How To Make a Sign Stand Out: Sure-Fire Ways To Promote Your Brand In 2022

For businesses looking to make an impression, the importance of signage should not be underestimated. But how can you make your signs stand out from your rivals?

1) Create a Contrast

Contrasts can be simple yet very effective in drawing people’s attention to your signage and can help convey a desired message. Black and white, for example, oozes sophistication and simplicity, while strong colour contrasts are often the choice for ensuring lettering stands out from a distance.

2) Shine a Light On It

Lights can be highly effective in increasing the visibility of your signage. There may be many potential customers who pass your premises in darkness who will overlook it without any lighting. Many of your nearest rivals may not use illuminated signage, so a little extra expenditure could make a significant difference in terms of the number of new customers who notice your business.

3) Focus On The Surroundings

The local environment will determine exactly how prominent your sign will need to be. If your premises are in a busy area, with many competing businesses with their own signs, you may to need to choose a more distinctive design that is easier to spot. In quieter areas, you may be able to tone down the design. Some areas, particularly those of historic importance, may demand subtlety, or synchronicity with the local historical style: your observance of these rules may promote your business as one that cares about the local area.

4) Be Creative!

Making your brand stand out from the crowd demands a strong visual statement to do so, although this doesn’t mean choosing gaudy colours. Less is often more with signage. Even understated classical themes, if these suit your business’s image, can still be enhanced with the right design and choice of materials, while three-dimensional effects and lighting can also be an attention-grabber.

5) Consider Placement

While the height and shape of your business’s sign, and the size and style of the lettering, can play an important role in determining how effective it is, you should also give careful thought to the overall placement of the sign. A key question to consider is how visible the sign will be from different angles, at different times of the day. The sun or street furniture, for example, may obscure pedestrians’ vision so they barely notice your business, but a clear view from an adjacent coffee house could be extremely beneficial for capturing footfall.


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