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Interactive video screens are the next level for digital advertising and display. Image can create personalised digital solutions to help you boost engagement, stand apart from your competitors, and increase your returns from marketing.

An interactive screen places information at your customer’s fingertips, providing responsive service and taking the burden of routine questions away from your customer service team. Interactive digital content can also increase lead generation, encouraging prospects to enter contact information and other data at the point of sale, enabling swift follow-up and a better customer conversion rate.

how it works:

Interactive screens can take several formats. Some are wall or shelf-mounted tablets, others are freestanding screens on pedestals, while others still take the shape of wall-mounted boards. All can be used to deliver bespoke content for retail, business, or educational use, with easy-clean tempered glass screens, and straightforward software to allow a range of user engagement options.

  • Secure terminal interfaces to gather customer data and transmit information to your CRM
  • Cloud-based content storage reduces the need for IT infrastructure on site
  • Back-office software allows multiple users to engage with interactive content simultaneously
  • Touchscreens are plasma-treated to increase durability and ease of maintenance
  • ‘Digital whiteboards’ are available using infrared technology – perfect for the lecture hall or boardroom

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At Image, we have extensive experience creating digital interactive touchscreen solutions for customers in a range of industries. To find out more about the potential of interactive displays to market your products, provide customer service, and improve user experience, please give us a call today.

Best interactive touch screen totem – Grand central station totem
interactive screens for business – Grand central station wayfinding

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