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Turn Your Audience Into Paying Customers With Bespoke Signage Design

In retail and commercial environments, signage is often deemed to play a purely functional role – directing visitors, customers, and employees to the right parts of the building, and identifying important parts of your premises.

The role of clear and effective signage shouldn’t be underestimated in this regard. However, by investing in bespoke retail promotional signage, your signage design can also play a subtle role in converting foot traffic into paying customers.

You don’t have to explicitly promote marketing and sales messages on your signage for it to have a beneficial effect on brand engagement in-store.

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4 Ways That Retail Promotional Signage Can Boost Sales:

1. Promotes Clear And Effective Brand Messages

An effective retail promotional sign communicates your company's core messages and ethos quickly and clearly by means of the images you use, your colours, and your fonts. Your signage should be eye-catching and easy to read so that potential customers can rapidly identify the products they need and understand your core value propositions.

2. Reinforces And Strengthens Brand Identity

Promotional signage reinforces and strengthens your brand identity by creating a consistent image throughout your shop. This encourages synergy between your online and offline sales channels and strengthens your connection with your target customers over time.

3. Increases Brand Recognition

Bespoke retail signage serves as a great way to remind people about who you are and what you do as a business. When people see the recognisable design and layout of your signage regularly, they become more familiar with both the name of your business and its products and retail/brand partners. This increases trust in your brand and raises the likelihood of securing more sales among new and existing audiences.

4. Attracts More Footfall To Your Shop

A good retail sign will stand out from the crowd and draw attention from passers-by. This is especially important for shops in busy high streets, shopping centres, and retail parks, where there is often a lot of competition for customers' attention and consumers are in a hurry. Bespoke signage also helps create an inviting atmosphere for customers that encourages them to stay in-store longer and explore all the available products or services.

How A Signage Design Consultant Can Help

Provided your signage design is good and portrays your brand in the right way and to the right audience, your retail promotional signage can become one of your main marketing tools to turn casual shoppers into customers.

Many signage design companies simply implement the design ideas of their customers without question. However, working with a signage design consultant with retail marketing and branding experience, and giving them consultative input into the design of your signage, can make your signage assets more effective and efficient at sales conversions.

By tailoring every aspect of your signage design, layout, and positioning to the nature of your business and the requirements of your customers, you can increase brand exposure and product sales, raising awareness of your business, and communicating brand identity more effectively.

Retail Signage Solutions From Image Technique

Image Technique are full-service signage design consultants, serving retail and commercial customers across the UK. Our experienced team provide full design support for your business, helping optimise your signage designs to ensure that each sign is efficient and effective, and working to strengthen your brand identity and encourage sales conversions among your target audience. Please call today to find out more.how-to-pick-the-best-sign-for-your-business-long-cta

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