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Custom business signage can be an effective and economical way to reinforce and improve company culture. For example, regular wayfinding signage can be customised to reflect your company’s mission, brand identity, values, and goals, as well as to convey specific cultural and marketing messages to internal staff and customers.

Bespoke signage can also be created to embody specific information for an internal audience – e.g. to remind staff of your company’s mission statement or personal conduct guidelines – and to provide access to crucial information for staff through interactive digital displays.

In this article, we look at the practical steps you can take to implement ‘cultural signage’ in your business premises.

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How To Use Your Signage To Reinforce Your Business Cultural Identity

A cultural signage strategy helps your employees comprehend the organisation’s purpose more clearly, reducing misunderstandings and unintentional misconduct, and leading to better interpersonal relationships and performance.

  • Provide a visible reminder of the company’s core principles. It shows employees that their efforts are valued and reinforces the values of the organisation to external customers and visitors.
  • Encourage the development of a positive and inclusive workplace atmosphere by sharing information about staff achievements, rewarding hard work and attainment, and advertising successful projects and charitable activities.
  • Reinforce the importance of teamwork and staying on task, and encourage employees to focus their energy in the right direction.
  • Reward creativity and innovation within your organisation. By custom-designing signage with inspiring messages and motivational visuals, employers can help develop a culture of enthusiasm, self-responsibility, and creativity among their staff
  • Celebrate events such as anniversaries, company milestones, out-of-work life events (e.g. weddings, the birth of children etc) and staff birthdays. This helps build morale and foster positive relationships between colleagues and management.

How To Improve Workplace Culture Through Signage

Cultural signage can use a wide range of inspirational images, videos, and written content – as appropriate to its intended purpose. However, for signage to be successful at reinforcing company culture, it must be consistent with three principles:

1. Your company history
2. Your company mission statement – including its service ethos
3. Your visual brand identity – e.g. colours, fonts etc

Image Technique can make all these ideas a reality with our in-house design and manufacturing teams, creating inspiring signage that resonates with your organisational identity and encourages greater efficiency and productivity among your staff.

Types Of Cultural Signage

Signage doesn’t have to be specifically designed as ‘cultural signage’ for it to support and extend your business culture. Other branded signage strategies include:

1. Dimensional Logo Signage

Adding dimensional logo signage is a great way to showcase your brand throughout your building. Giving a strong first impression that showcases who you are starting from the moment an employee or visitor enters your lobby or front of house area. Strong branded signage will make employees and visitors feel welcome while also conveying the essence of your brand, which will help them stay invested and engaged during their time on your premises. To create a more vivid, immersive groundwork for peoples' first impressions of your company, design distinctive logo signage so everyone has an immediate appreciation of the goals that your organisation is working hard to accomplish.

2. Directional Signs

Directional signs are incredibly useful for any business, especially if you have a large office or production space. Not only can they welcome visitors on-site and help them navigate, but can also be used to designate specific work and leisure areas for staff. Through this method you can make each area of your business premises feel unique and distinctive - in effect, turning each department and section into its own ‘neighbourhood’.

Custom Business Signage Solutions From Image Technique

At Image Technique, we provide custom business signage for customers across the UK, with a full service that encompasses design, assembly, installation, and after-sales care. To find out more about our projects, please click here.


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