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If you're ordering a traditional, bespoke sign, you'll want to know how to get the absolute best value out of your new design. Outlining a clear picture of what branding, visual style, and scale you want, as well as your budget, will help us provide the best match for your signage needs. Here's what to consider when planning a signage project:

Discuss Your Project With Us

Design-To-Brand Style Matching

Recognition counts. If you're commissioning work for a well-established business with distinctive and known fonts, graphics, logos, colours, or a unique visual style, you'll want to ensure that the same branding carries over to anything new you officially introduce. We'll work with you to draw from past signage, existing graphics, and your previous marketing materials to create a new piece instantly recognisable by your customers as originating from your brand.

Materials, Finishes, And Claddings

One often overlooked (yet vital) area of designing an excellent sign is which materials you choose as a base. Looks, durability, longevity, and the sign's overall visual impact are all affected by your manufacturing and fabrication choices.

Your core material choices need to reflect your brand's aesthetics, how long you need your sign to last, and the types of stress the display will be exposed to (e.g. rain). Adding finished PVC, metal, and wood can strengthen and weatherproof signs. Paper and fabric can add a "craftwork", welcoming feel to your interior displays.

Sign Sizing

It's also critical that your new sign fits neatly into the space you've made available. Too small? The sign will be unreadable and unnoticeable. Too large? Viewers will struggle to parse it - or it may overwhelm its surroundings. Image Technique offers our customers the full spectrum of sign sizes, from micro-signage to building-high external installations. Providing measurements, photographs, and a detailed site description will help us find and set the best backdrop for your new sign.

Your Budget

Your available budget for design, procurement, and manufacture will determine your project's size, sophistication, and staying power. Image Technique will work with you to get the most out of the funds you're able to commit to your new business signage. With end-to-end fabrication, an all-in-one quote that includes all aspects of your project will let you plan more effectively to get the best value from your budget.

Next Steps

To find out more about Image Technique and our bespoke commercial sign solutions for small businesses, please download our free online guide, or call one of our experienced sales advisers on 01527 578533.


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