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What Are the Main Benefits of Using Wayfinding Signage In Schools?

A century ago, many of the UK’s schools were small and uncomplicated structures, consisting of a large single classroom in which students of all ages were educated. Today’s schools could not be more different: vast sprawling buildings with mazes of corridors that connect a multitude of classrooms, libraries, and computer suites. The student population has evolved too, with mainstream schools now accommodating students with diverse learning needs for whom complex buildings may be a challenge to navigate.

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Therefore, school wayfinding signage has an important role to play, but what are the main benefits of installing indoor digital signage on your premises?


Easier Navigation

School corridors become densely crowded at key times of the day, such as between lessons when students change classrooms. Not only can these pinch points lead to bottlenecking, but valuable learning time is lost when students arrive to lessons late. Clear explanatory signage can keep students moving through the school building, maintaining a calm and orderly environment in which students and teachers get to where they need to be, on time.


Reinforcing Health and Safety

In buildings where large numbers of people gather, health and safety are of the utmost importance. In schools, the need to keep young people safe cannot be disputed. In emergencies, students and staff need to evacuate quickly and safely, so wayfinding signage can direct people towards fire exits as well as indicating the location of life-saving equipment, such as defibrillators or fire extinguishers.


Providing Updates

Communicating with students is challenging in large schools with many students, so digital signage can convey important messages efficiently and promptly. This could be to direct certain groups of pupils to a specific location for a lesson or event, or to provide instructions to all students to promote effective health and safety (‘Do Not Run’ or ‘Stay 2m apart’, for instance).



Indoor digital signage displays should send simple messages that are easy-to-understand and avoid confusion. When well-designed with the end-user in mind, wayfinding signs can be powerful communicators, while the use of instantly recognised symbols (such as fire exits) can make an immediate impact when it matters most.


Safeguarding All Needs

Many schools look after vulnerable pupils or those with complex learning needs and all students should be informed to whom they can turn if they have specific concerns about their wellbeing. Digital signage can provide a sensitive yet impactful message in a non-threatening way to encourage students to engage with school-based support services, while pupils who find moving around the building confusing can be easily reassured by simple visual cues.


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