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The 7 Biggest Frustrations Project Managers Have When Dealing With A Commercial Signage Company

Signage projects can be a minefield of design, legislative, and resource headaches. Here are seven of the most common, and what responsible commercial signage companies should be doing to improve the outcome.

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1) Miscommunication

Successful projects depend on clear, concise, and supportive collaboration between stakeholders. Without this, the vision can become lost, and the project can become beset by delays and spiralling costs. For project managers, the results of poor communication are endless frustrations and, often, a poor result.

A market leading commercial signage company will promise to listen, understand, and communicate in a way that keeps everybody on the same page from day one.

2) Not Taking Ownership Of The Project From Start To Finish

For a signage project to shine, a single team of experts need to take ownership of the project from start to finish. When a design project is not managed coherently, goals can be missed, quality control can slide, and minor but crucial details can be overlooked. As such, the results can be felt in increased costs.

Successful commercial signage providers will offer experienced professionals to take the driving seat throughout the entire process, working closely with your team to ensure a seamless project outcome.

3) Not Delivering On Time

Few scenarios are more frustrating for project managers than delays. Even small hold ups can cause an avalanche of problems, creating issues that range from uncertainties to failed launches. However, the process of designing, building, and installing signage involves multiple teams of experts and the acquisition of permits, quality control tests, and work plans, so delays among commercial signage providers are a familiar headache for many project managers.

The ideal signage company will have well-oiled teams of experts supported by practical, realistic, and well-practiced delivery workflows.

4) Not Delivering What They Promise

Signage that does not convey the vision, ethos, and quality of the brand is damaging on multiple levels. It can break the all-important rule of consistency, whilst creating costly misrepresentations. As such, when the message is wrong, everything from footfall to marketing campaigns can suffer.

Signage is a crucial touch point for any brand, so it is vital that commercial design companies deliver what they promise.

5) Not Being Trustworthy

Trust is hard to build, harder to maintain, and easy to lose. Typical trust-related headaches include project delays, disappointing workmanship, and ‘wildcard’ costs, all of which can undermine attempts at clear communication. As such, being able to trust a commercial signage company to deliver on your project objectives is central to the overall success of the relationship.

6) Not Being Personable and Professional

A signage project that achieves the full impact of the vision depends upon working with a team who are both personable and professional. Unless quality is embedded in the heart of the mission, the result will never be satisfactory. A lack of professionalism is therefore associated with a range of unnecessary costs, delays, and broken trust. A personable and professional commercial signage company will always ensure that every detail of the project is tailored into a high-quality, personalised solution.

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At Image Technique, we deploy our professional expertise to ensure that project managers experience a stress-free, successful, cost-effective signage project from start to finish. For more information about working with our commercial signage experts, please get in touch today.