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Digital Signage VS Traditional Signage – What Are the Pros and Cons?

They say signage is the silent salesperson. It's one of the quickest and most convenient ways to convey a message to viewers. But it's also changing. The iconic printed poster, a staple of traditional signage, no longer impresses the audience. The technology of conventional, print signage has matured. But digital signs, from bespoke LED signs in city centres to illuminated interior signs in shops, always find a way to push the envelope.

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There's much to be said for using conventional signage to promote a brand. It doesn't need power, it's lasting, maintenance free, and it can be set up anywhere for a fraction of the cost of commercial illuminated signs. But before you dismiss digital signage, remember you probably don't need a slot on the Piccadilly Lights for your spot in the limelight. You can avail of countless benefits of digital signage without breaking the bank, such as:

Vivid Displays.

Illuminated LED signs come with eye-catching displays in vibrant colours. Whether they feature static or video content, they're always easier on the eye and more enriching than a dull, two-dimensional print-out, however high the resolution might be. Also, there's no shortage of printed ads, and people are prone to "display blindness", which occurs when the mind is overwhelmed with signs and posters. But beautifully animated and well-placed bespoke LED signs stand out from the crowd and minimize the risk of turning viewers away.

Interactive Features.

Printed signs are motionless and disconnected, whereas bespoke LED signs can feature touch screen display and other types of technology that promote interaction. Think back to Purina's digital window displays in pet shops, which enabled passers-by to play with virtual dogs.

Or you might remember Microsoft Kinect and how it used motion and depth sensors to create AR campaigns through experiential marketing. Or let's take a more relatable example: the touchscreen kiosks we come across every day when we want to navigate menus, routes, and product catalogues. Perhaps the most original touchscreen displays are the PoS kiosks placed in stores in front of the till to upsell products or place online orders. Whatever the way you use interactive illuminated interior signs, they will involve the audience, entertain, and engage with them. It's this kind of give-and-take that maximises user experience.

Customised Messaging.

Commercial illuminated signs have the singular advantage of being able to display multiple messages at once or in rotation. They can also be scheduled so that they relay complex, time-sensitive messages with perfect timing. For instance, digital menu boards will update to reflect the change in a restaurant's menu as it transitions from breakfast to its lunch offering. Boards in bars can be used to announce happy hour or live entertainment schedules, etc.

Real-Time Advertising.

The best thing about bespoke LED signs is that they enable you to communicate with your target audience in real time. No need to wait for your sign printing, mounting, and replacement. Being able to change your message in an instant to provide live updates by using accurate, real-time data is a phenomenal advantage these days. Imagine promoting your sales event to a crowd of people just as they leave a venue, providing traffic updates, Uber promo codes, and time-limited voucher codes for them to use online or in-store. Then extrapolate and apply this technique to every one of your strategically placed and very versatile commercial illuminated signs.

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These are some of the most tangible and direct benefits of digital signage. At Image Technique, we work with you to make sure that your bespoke LED signs tick every box. We can provide design, install, maintenance, and manufacturing services to suit your specific project requirements and help you bring it to fruition. Get in touch today to find out more.