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Keeping Your Project Sustainable With Energy-Saving Signage Solutions

Sustainability should be a key consideration for any signage project, especially when dealing with illuminated signage that entails lifetime costs and energy use. By taking a few simple design and implementation steps, you can ensure your sustainable signage and sustainable event signage have minimal environmental impact while reducing your lifetime cost of ownership. This article explores sustainable signage solutions to make your next project greener and leaner in terms of cost and carbon.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting has been a game-changer for energy-efficient signage. LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy and last twenty-five times longer than traditional incandescent lighting, which in any case is no longer generally available for commercial use here in the UK. The energy savings add up long-term, reducing electricity bills significantly over the lifetime of the signage, especially when we’re talking about large outdoor illuminated displays or the full signage asset base for a large shop or office. With their extended lifetime, LED lights also minimise maintenance needs and replacement costs.

For modern bespoke signage, LED lighting offers bright, consistent illumination in a highly energy-efficient package. The biggest savings come from using LED lighting throughout your project - not only for the signs themselves but also for surrounding lighting. Consult a signage lighting specialist, such as Image Technique, to determine the most energy-efficient LED solutions for each application.

Energy-Efficient Design

An energy-conscious sign designer can optimise your signage and lighting for maximum efficiency, so discuss energy-saving goals with potential designers from the outset. An experienced designer skilled in efficiency principles will tailor the sign's size, layout, positioning, and materials to minimise energy consumption.

Signs with inbuilt energy-saving technology are a smart choice for commercial signage. Options like motion sensors, timers, and auto-dimming controls reduce energy waste by powering lighting only when needed so that a 24/7 sign consumes energy only when a pedestrian or vehicle approaches, rather than when no one is there to see it. A designer can recommend the most suitable solutions for each sign, balancing visual impact and energy savings. Keep long-term efficiency and economy in mind throughout the design process.

Professional Maintenance

Diligent maintenance keeps signage running at peak energy efficiency. As dust and dirt accumulate on lighting and sign surfaces, visibility decreases, forcing the lighting to work harder and increasing energy usage. Outdoor signage has the added issue of bird waste and corrosive residues from traffic fumes and emissions, which can damage your signage and any connecting wiring and infrastructure. Stick to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to avoid dirt buildup, check that lighting is working optimally and replace individual bulbs as needed.

Energy Audits

Conducting an energy audit at regular intervals examines your overall energy use, including on signage, and identifies areas where energy is being wasted and money can be saved. An audit by qualified professionals will survey all systems and appliances, measuring current energy usage. The audit report assesses efficiency and highlights areas for improvement.

The auditors may recommend upgrades like occupancy sensors, building insulation, or transitioning additional lighting to LEDs. For signage, they can advise tweaks to lighting schedules, brightness settings, and maintenance practices. Implementing these suggestions can significantly decrease your long-term energy consumption and costs. Audits also provide energy-useful benchmarks to measure your future progress. Conduct audits periodically to keep reducing environmental impact as new energy-saving technology emerges.

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For the best results, partner with an experienced signage firm like Image Techniques. Our expertise in efficiency principles and technology ensures maximum sustainability and cost-efficiency across your signage asset base. For more information about working with an agency and how Image Technique can help, please claim a free copy of our Benefits Of Using An End-To-End Signage Company guide today or get in touch.


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