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What’s Involved in the Consultation, Design, Planning, Manufacturing, and Installation Processing Stages of Creating Commercial Signage?

When you commission a new sign from Image Technique, we'll take you through four key development stages to bring your project from the ideas phase to successful implementation. During each stage, we'll work closely with you and your company to ensure your final product is of the highest quality and perfectly matches your project brief. Here's how it all works.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Consultation Stage

The first stage, consultation, determines what kind of sign you want, its exact purpose, and how the project will enhance your business.

Our signage design team will listen to your ideas, notes, and desired outcomes for your signage, while also discussing your budget and delivery deadlines. We'll carefully note any finer points of detail and mandatory requirements. A rough blueprint for the new sign is then agreed upon after we've offered our ideas and suggestions to you.

We'll also ask about the sign's purpose, whether you want a traditional or digital electronic display, your trading marketplace, and any accessibility or visibility requirements. Questions like these help us to get a better feel for the type of sign you'll need.

Development and Planning

Once we've fully outlined your ideas and received any graphics and text needed, we'll create a fully realised, graphical CAD template of your new sign for you to approve, or revise.

Our designers will work with your notes (and any provided media) to create attractive visuals that best match the vision you set out for us. They'll also offer feedback on what's feasible and suggest improvements.

We'll consult you again on any changes you want to be made to the final design before it's signed off and sent for manufacturing. We'll also work with you to determine which materials, claddings, fonts, and colours fit your initial ideas best.

It's also worth noting that end-to-end companies can offer stock (off-the-shelf) designs if you're ever unsure of what you need. Wayfinding and safety signs are a particular speciality.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Once fully approved, we'll print, make, and assemble your bespoke signage, all on-site at our Bromsgrove workshop. Image Technique can also handle budget planning, bulk orders and runs, and maintenance schedules on your behalf.

Transportation and Installation

Once your signage is assembled and checked for quality and function, we’ll ship it and install it at your chosen location, using our in-house fleet and installation team. We can deliver signs directly to anywhere in the UK and can work with you to book a convenient time that doesn't interfere with ongoing business.

If required, Image Technique can offer ongoing aftersales maintenance and repair services. Ask us about our long-term support schemes.

End-to-end sign making and more from Image Technique

Please get in touch with our design team if you’d like to find out more about our bespoke signage services or would like to discuss your ideas for a project. More information about the process can also be found in our free guide, The Benefits of Choosing An End To End Signage Company – claim your copy today.