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The Importance Of Professional Design Support For Signage Projects

Professional design support from an experienced signage design consultant, such as Image Technique, can help ensure that your signage project is successful and effective at achieving its goals. Let’s dive into the reasons why professional design support is so essential for all types of commercial signage projects, and why you can’t afford to be without it.

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Branding Experience

Consistency is of central importance across your signage – from promotional materials to wayfinding – in order to avoid sending mixed messages and creating a disconnect with your audience. A professional designer will understand how to incorporate brand consistency into your designs and make sure your signs align with your overall business branding strategy – online as well as throughout your physical premises. Professional signage designers like Image Technique have extensive experience creating eye-catching designs that adhere to your brand guidelines while expressing their purpose clearly and effectively. Your consultant can provide valuable insight into how to best create a design that resonates with your target audience and captures their attention for the intended purpose – whether this is promoting cross-sells or preventing visitors from getting lost while looking for the facilities.


All signage needs to adapt your core brand identity and visual aesthetic to a specified purpose. For wayfinding signage especially, design support can help make your signage adaptable to the needs of your customers and the layout of your premises without compromising on accessibility on the one hand, or brand identity on the other. Without design support, you may design a signage system that isn’t adaptable or capable of evolving with your business and its market trends.

A professional signage design consultant will understand how to work quickly without compromising on quality, making them well-suited for last-minute changes, short turnaround responsive signage (e.g., Covid safety signage during the pandemic) or updates that need to be made at short notice.

Leverage Signage Design Trends

By collaborating with a professional designer at each stage of your project, you can ensure that your signage assets stay up to date with the latest trends in design and technology, avoiding them looking ‘dated.’ This attracts more attention to your brand from potential customers for all the right reasons and helps your business stand out in competitive commercial environments.

Enhanced Functionality

Working with a good signage designer will increase the long-term value, ROI, and functionality of your signage assets, as well as reduce your lifetime cost of ownership. There are several ways in which you can do this, principally by ensuring that your signs not only look good but also perform as expected.

This is critical for signage projects that include digital screens or interactive elements, which can enhance customer engagement with the signs – but also come with a greater risk of design errors impacting functionality in a negative way. Advanced features can draw attention towards specific products and services or provide a general uplift in brand engagement, making your signage more attractive and accessible for customers and visitors. A professional designer will know how best to deploy digital and interactive features within your signage strategy to achieve maximum impact from your budget.

A good designer will also provide advice about which materials suit your project outcomes best, as well as ideas for other ways to add visual interest or enhanced functionality to your signage.

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