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All The Information You Need About Using Neon Lights In Your Illuminated Signage
Neon lights have been used in signage for over a century and are still popular today, thanks to their unique look and ability to grab attention. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about using neon or neon-effect...
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Turn Your Audience Into Paying Customers With Bespoke Signage Design
In retail and commercial environments, signage is often deemed to play a purely functional role – directing visitors, customers, and employees to the right parts of the building, and identifying important parts of your premises. The...
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The Importance Of Good, Clear Wayfinding Signage For Restaurants
Good interior wayfinding signage is essential for any restaurant to ensure customers can find their way around your venue quickly and easily. Restaurant interior signs should be easy to read, clearly visible and provide helpful...
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How To Choose The Right Logo Signage Design Consultants
A well-designed, instantly identifiable brand logo helps extend brand recognition and encourages engagement from your target customers. Working with a good logo signage design consultant will help ensure consistency across your...
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The Importance Of Professional Design Support For Signage Projects
Professional design support from an experienced signage design consultant, such as Image Technique, can help ensure that your signage project is successful and effective at achieving its goals. Let’s dive into the reasons why...
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What To Consider When Choosing The Best Bespoke Signs
If you're ordering a traditional, bespoke sign, you'll want to know how to get the absolute best value out of your new design. Outlining a clear picture of what branding, visual style, and scale you want, as well as your budget, will...
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4 Industries That Benefit Highly From Wayfinding Signage
Wayfinding signage is a central tool for many large organisations, as it helps ensure that employees, visitors, and service users can find their way around the premises easily without getting lost. But what industries benefit the most...
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How Can Image Technique Help You Through The Design Process?
Image Technique is a specialist bespoke end-to-end sign-making business, based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire (close to Birmingham). We work with the public, commercial, and private customers to design a wide range of durable and...
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How Modern Wayfinding Signage Promotes Security And Safety Management
Wayfinding signage helps visitors and customers navigate around your premises, helping them find what they are looking for without them getting lost and frustrated. In large buildings and complexes, such as hospitals, universities,...
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What Types Of Material Are Best Suited For Your Bespoke Sign?
Bespoke signage is useful at fulfilling a range of both indoor and outdoor applications – from internal retail promotions and wayfaring to external branding signs to draw attention to your business on a busy high street.
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