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How Can Image Technique Help You Through The Design Process?

Image Technique is a specialist bespoke end-to-end sign-making business, based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire (close to Birmingham). We work with the public, commercial, and private customers to design a wide range of durable and bespoke signage for a variety of applications. We can take initial, rough ideas for a new sign, develop them into an attractive and workable solution fitted to the customers’ budget and business objectives, refine the blueprint in CAD, and manufacture a finalised piece from scratch in our modern and fully fitted workshop.

Transparent communication and detail consultancy is essential to making this process happen successfully. We'll keep in close contact with you and your team during every phase of the sign's design and manufacture. Clear communication ensures that your finished project delivers what you want and need from your bespoke signage investment.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Initial Consultancy And Planning

When you first contact us, we'll ask you a few questions about your project objectives, signage ideas, current branding parameters, and area of trade – as well as what you want out of your signage and the goals it is intended to achieve. Context helps us to establish what kind and scale of signage you'd benefit from best.

From there, we'll outline how we could make your thoughts into a feasible, quality project within your budget and delivery timescales. We've got extensive experience meeting diverse, challenging client briefs, and we will usually be able to give you past examples of how we met similar requests that we can both draw on. In some cases (e.g. safety signs), we may even recommend an "off-the-shelf" solution to save you time and money.

Outlining And Refining Your Design

Once we've set the direction of travel, we'll consult with you further as we take your sign's design through our multiple stages of development and quality assurance. We'll finalise the colours, graphics (e.g. branding, logos, product shots), shape, size, text, and fonts at this stage - with your close input.

We'll also ask you about the setting, backdrop, purpose, and target audience to help us eliminate unworkable design concepts and ensure that your designs are optimised for their target audience. Better clarity lets us pick an appropriate type of backboard, match appropriate materials (e.g. waterproof metals and plastics) to their environment, and work out what kind of framing and lighting would benefit your new sign most.

Fine-Tuning And Confirmation

Before we sign off and manufacture your sign, you'll have a chance to review everything while it's still in CAD. You can adjust, change, or remove any style decisions we've made at this stage. Final "fine-tuning" consultancy guarantees that your project meets, and in some cases exceeds, your original vision.

Installation, Queries, And Aftersales

As an end-to-end sign-making company, Image Technique also offers shipping and installation as standard. Once your signs are ready to go, we'll work with you to set aside a time slot that doesn't disrupt the flow of your business.

Our aftersales staff will also offer continuing support if you need to get in touch about repeat orders, repairs, and maintenance, or have any general queries. Image Technique prides itself on project-long help.

Bespoke Sign-Making Solutions From Image Technique

If you are interested in our end-to-end process and what we can offer customers, you can find out more about Image Technique via our free online guideThe Benefits of Using an End-to-End Signage Design Company.


Image Source: Pexels