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In the competitive world of high street retail, there is one thing that can make or break your business. That is the customer experience. The fact of the matter is consumers need a compelling incentive to visit a real-world shopping outlet rather than purchasing online.

To make sure you are providing a unique and memorable experience for your customers, therefore, consider investing in interactive digital signage to showcase bespoke experiential content that isn’t available through your website.

Not only can this help generate more sales and higher average basket values in store, but it could also improve customer loyalty by encouraging return visits and referrals. In this article, we’ll look at why bespoke signage is the future of retail.

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Bespoke Content Is The Key To Successful Retail

If a customer visits your physical shop, the usual reason is that he or she can’t find what they’re looking for online: they may need help choosing between two or more products, for example, or want to see what an item looks or feels like in real life. Your job as a retailer is to provide the personalised support they need to validate their decision to close down the laptop and get in the car. They’ll thank you for it through increased sales and support both off-line and via online channels.

Bespoke signage and promotional content is, therefore, increasingly important in today’s retail industry. Customers want to feel like their experience with you is unique and personalised – or why bother? They don’t want to be given generic displays or ads. This is where custom signage plays a role. With bespoke retail digital signage, you can tailor content that speaks directly to your customers at their stage of the buyer journey and engage them on a deeper level than traditional static advertising methods. Whether it’s by using multiple-option product displays or tailored marketing messages, bespoke signage allows you to stand out from alternative retail options and truly make an impression on your customers.

High ROI With Digital Signage

Return on investment (ROI) is crucial when it comes to investing in new retail signage, and lots of money can get wasted through in-store advertising campaigns that simply don’t generate the sales and footfall they are supposed to. The good news? Many shop operators have found that interactive digital retail signage can successfully attract attention to your brand, resulting in more foot traffic and an uptick in sales revenue. By creating customised visuals, graphics, and apps that speak directly to your customers and the experience they are seeking, you are sure to see an increase in ROI over time as more people become aware of your high street presence and find a reason to visit you time and again.

Personalised Experiences

Bespoke retail digital signage gives you the opportunity to create an immersive, personalised customer experience in-store, differentiating your business as a unique environment for high street shoppers. As retail digital signage displays are fully customisable, you can tailor your content to your target market and personalise the displays to align with your sales strategies and current campaigns. Signage can be adapted to the time of year or special occasions and even individual customer segments.

Technological Advancements Appeal To Everyone

The high street is increasingly seen as old-fashioned and irrelevant to modern consumers. As such, leveraging technological advancements within your stores provides enhanced customer appeal for your business by demonstrating your commitment to modern shopping practices and preferences, boosting your overall brand reputation.

Customers naturally gravitate towards businesses that employ new technology into their shopping environment —it makes them feel current and ahead of the curve! Bespoke signage can incorporate a range of interactive technologies, from customisable touch screens to motion detectors that activate messages based on customer movements around your shop – all of which contribute toward making each person's shopping journey unique and personalised on every visit.     

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Investing in bespoke signage can help set your business apart other high street shops and give it a competitive edge when it comes to attracting customer footfall and generating sales. For more information, have a look at our recent retail projects, and get in touch with one of our digital signage specialists at info@imagetechnique.co.uk if you’d like to find out more.


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