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When you choose Image Technique, you'll gain access to an end-to-end, in-house sign production service by a nationally recognised, professional sign design company. We're capable of developing your signage ideas from a rough, ‘back-of-an-envelope’ concept drawing into attractive, dynamic, distinct displays without ever having to outsource a single step (beyond procurement).

However, there are several other benefits to choosing and using an end-to-end sign manufacturing provider – compared to sourcing the design, production, and installation from separate contractors.

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1. Clarity and consistency

Clear two-way communication is the backbone of quality sign design. Too many otherwise fantastic ideas fail to materialise due to a long chain of third-party providers failing to join the dots.

Conflicting, confusing, and unavoidable instructions cause problems. By running your signage project in one place and consulting the same group of experts end-to-end, you'll ensure that your ideas and requests stay consistent, coherent, and feasible. Having everything handled by one team helps develop and enhance designs within a shorter lead time, too.

Minimising outsourcing to per-request orders (e.g. for construction materials) also reduces the risks of human error and shipping damage. Simply put, a centralised production process is a safer one.

2. Lower, predictable costs

End-to-end sign manufacturing is generally cheaper for clients to use than any comparable, segmented alternative. With everything handled in-house, savings from reduced transit, merged labour, and "best fit" procurement pass on to you. Choosing a bespoke service also saves you unnecessary payouts for consultancy and finishing services you don't really need.

As you're only paying for one whole-service quote, end-to-end gives you better visibility and control over your project costs. Planning your finances around end-to-end project delivery is less risky - you'll know your final total on day one.

3. Shorter production, transit, and turnaround times

Do you need commercial or event signage at short notice? End-to-end is your best bet. With no off-site delays in sign transit and procurement, timetabled, planned design and construction stages, and seamless step-to-step transfer, end-to-end manufacturing vastly reduces turnaround times for large-scale signage projects.

Whatever your schedule for completion, simplifying assembly and logistics will also help. End-to-end significantly lowers the chances of a critical holdup at a late stage of the project. With fewer separate stages to manage and combine across sites, end-to-end sign-making has fewer potential points for unexpected delays.

4. Dedicated project support

With help and support available from a single point of contact, you can get the answers and support you need in place - fast. Aftersales, technical support, and design liaison staff are all ready to help with any queries, concerns, or problems with your order.

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