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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Digital Signage At Your Event

Communicating with large numbers of people at corporate events has always been a challenge, but digital signage is changing the way events are held. Previously, printed signage could only deliver fixed content that was easy to overlook; however, corporate event signage harnesses cutting-edge technology to present eye-catching and engaging messages in different ways, including scrolling ads and large screen video displays.

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Outdoor digital signage displays also allow event coordinators to retain complete control over the content, so that it can be updated in real-time to make an immediate impact on the audience. With a transformative effect on the way that events are run and levels of engagement with visitors, it’s little surprise that many organisers are opting for digital signage as the world slowly moves back to real-world events.

If you’re planning a major corporate event, why should you consider digital signage?     


1) Project Your Brand Image

Digital media can make a real difference when promoting your brand and raising consumers’ awareness, increasing conversions by up to 10%. For instance, an appealing and eye-catching video display can capture attendees’ attention in-between workshops or events, and provide them with the opportunity to discuss brands with colleagues. Scrolling advertisements ensure that different advertisers can promote their brands to achieve optimum use of space and cost.


2) Engage With Guests In Real-Time

Changes to the schedule or important safety messages are hard to communicate to large numbers of people in a large venue. Well-chosen corporate signage design ensures that information is communicated to all attendees quickly, without significant interruptions to workshops or events in progress. Digital screens can be updated instantly, so there is no delay in displaying essential information.


3) Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media is at the heart of many businesses marketing strategies, so digital signage can increase your audience’s connection with your brand online. By connecting to event WiFi, you can allow guests to interact with your social media channels by leaving comments, posting photographs, or writing reviews, which can then be displayed on the big screen for others to see. With a hive of excitement growing around your digital signs, you can be confident of surging interest in your brand.


4) Be Seen By The Masses

Finally, it almost goes without saying that attractive digital event signs can be seen by large numbers of attendees, even from a distance – particularly if you harness your creative skills to design attention-grabbing content that simply can’t be missed! Working with the experienced designers of a digital signage specialist can bring your ideas alive to create bespoke content that your audience will love.


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At Image Technique, we offer a one-stop service that encompasses every aspect of your digital signage strategy, from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance.

Purchasing digital signs for corporate events makes far more sense than hiring: you’ll save money in the long-term as you’ll be able to reuse the signage time and time again, whilst enjoying full control over the content you display.

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