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Sandbox VR - Birmingham

New and innovative concepts are always exciting to be a part of and Sandbox Birmingham was certainly no exception. We were given the challenge to develop an incredibly complex pollywall fascia sign along with a full internal signage scheme and graphics pack, and we fully embraced the challenge.


Location: Birmingham

Client: Sandbox VR

Project: Complex polywall fascia sign along with a full internal signage scheme and graphics pack

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Project Brief:

Manufacture and deliver an exciting signage scheme for a futuristic VR experience centre.


The Challenge:

To join the delivery team and bring a wealth of bespoke manufacturing experience to the project to take on a the complex pollywall entrance feature. To also manufacture high quality signage to work alongside the premium interior fit out being installed on site.

We found ourselves integral to the design and build of all signage and branding on site, taking the architects ideas, and making them reality. The main challenges we faced where designing and building complex shapes that integrated seamlessly together over the large shop front. The teams often working in small spaces manoeuvring large sections of pollywall whilst working around other contractors on site daily.


How We Helped:

Our priority was to deliver the signage & polywall cladding according to the customer’s timeline and within budget.



We successfully collaborated with the delivery team to deliver the second Sandbox VR site in the UK but with the first large scale pollywall. Communication was smooth and efficient with all other parties on the project, enabling us to deliver the signage on time and within budget, with no unforeseen problems or delays during installation. 

We really enjoyed working with the Sandbox team on this new concept and we look forwards to the next challenge on the next site in the coming months.


Photos of the completed signage can be seen below.


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