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What Are The Advantages of Using Digital Signage For Hospitals?

Most hospitals work tirelessly to improve patient satisfaction, implementing a variety of strategies to strengthen relationships. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably had a serious knock-on effect on hospital efficiency: clinics and departments are busier than ever, queuing is commonplace, and there’s a more compelling need for patients to be kept up-to-date at all stages of their visit.

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Digital signage – media displays placed strategically around the hospital to provide information to patients – has a critical role to play in keeping patients informed and promoting a more productive working environment.

It can take many forms, including:

  • Hospital wayfinding signage
  • Digital information boards
  • Touch screen portals
  • Video screens

So, what are the benefits of installing digital signage in hospitals?


Improved Movement of Patients

Hospitals can be confusing places at the best of times, so if patients find it difficult to locate departments, appointment times can be missed. In the current situation, where hospitals are working hard to see as many people as possible, even a delay of a few minutes can be problematic.

The importance of wayfinding signage should not be underestimated. Digital signage is clear and easy to read, especially for people with reduced vision, and can help to quickly guide patients to the department they require. Also, if clinics are relocated (or only held on certain days), hospital wayfinder signage can be quickly altered in a way that simply isn’t possible with traditional printed signs.


Keeping Patients Informed With Live Updates

There’s nothing more frustrating for a patient than to sit in a hospital waiting room without any information about their stay. Most patients understand that delays occur and clinics may run late; however, a lack of information is frustrating and increases anxiety for people who may already be struggling with ongoing illnesses.

Digital signage can communicate a wide variety of information to patients, from the names of the consulting staff on duty to expected wait times or self-help procedures. Even the longest waiting times can seem more bearable if digital media is available to keep patients attentive with engaging content.


Improving All-Round Health and Welfare

Many illnesses and conditions are side effects of lifestyle choices, but the challenge facing hospitals is persuading patients to change the way they live to improve their overall health. From self-care tips and wellness advice, to treatment procedures and therapy providers, digital signage can encourage patients to take the steps they need to live healthier lives. Key health-related messages, such as reminders to attend vaccination clinics or receive annual checks, can also be displayed to help patients to be active participants in managing their own health.


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