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Signage plays a powerful role in attracting customers and driving sales for any business, operating simultaneously on multiple levels. Well-designed and strategically placed signage provides visibility, branding, promotions, navigation, and differentiation that can all lead to increased revenue. Read on to learn the benefits of signage and how it can get you more customers walking through your doors.Speak to the team

Enhancing Visibility

Visibility is key for any retail business looking to draw in new customers. Signage placed along busy roads or in high-traffic areas, for example, will grab the attention of pedestrians and motorists passing by. Large, eye-catching outdoor signs with bright colours and dynamic shapes make businesses stand out from their surroundings.

Proper placement is also important – ensure signage to attract customers is highly visible day or night by positioning it where lighting illuminates it. 

Branding And Recognition

In addition to creating a visual calling card for your physical shop location, signage presents an excellent opportunity for branding promotion. Maintaining a consistent design that aligns with your brand identity and style online and offline will help establish recognition and build trust with customers.

Familiar branding on professional, well-made signage conveys quality and helps returning patrons easily identify your business. This brand consistency across all channels, including your website, social media, and shopfront signage, will boost brand authority and keep customers coming back.

Promoting Special Offers And Sales

Take advantage of advertising signage for more than just visibility and branding. Temporary or changeable signs allow you to creatively advertise current deals, promotions, sales, or limited-time offers. Strategic placement of promotional signage, often using digital signs or letter boards, at entrances or high-traffic areas will inform all customers of exciting savings, encouraging greater footfall and seasonal up sales.

Guiding Customers

Navigational signage helps guide customers to find what they’re looking for once they are inside your shop or business premises. Wayfinding signs can direct patrons to essential locations like entrances, exits, departments, stairways, changing rooms, and more.

Informational signs aid navigation so that customers feel confident exploring rather than bewildered wandering around your space, making it more likely that they will stay long enough to make a purchase, and not leave in frustration. Clear navigation also reduces congestion around busy areas and walkways and keeps shoppers moving through your business efficiently. 

Differentiating From Competitors

In crowded shopping centres or pedestrianised high streets, custom-designed advertising signage can help differentiate your business from others in the vicinity. Most high streets look broadly the same up and down the country, so while competitors use generic signs and branding, your unique, eye-catching signage will stand out sharply from the clutter. Invest in signage that aligns with your specific brand identity rather than blending into the background.

Consistent branding across your signage and all other touchpoints convey your unique value and image. 

Set Yourself Apart With Custom Advertising Signage From Image Technique

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