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Wayfinding signage is a central tool for many large organisations, as it helps ensure that employees, visitors, and service users can find their way around the premises easily without getting lost. But what industries benefit the most from this type of signage? In this article, we’ll explore four industries that benefit highly from purpose-designed bespoke wayfinding signage.

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1) Hospital Wayfinding Signage

Hospitals are notoriously busy places and are frequently difficult to navigate, with services distributed across several buildings and high volumes of visitors coming and going throughout the day. Without clear and well-placed wayfinding signage, visitors and patients can easily become confused or lost, leading to frustration, anxiety, and missed appointments – and increasing the customer service burden on front-of-house and reception staff. By implementing clear and consistent signage throughout the hospital, patients and visitors can quickly locate the correct treatment area without having to ask for directions as often. Bespoke wayfinding signage is especially helpful for people with mobility issues or visual impairments, with a number of design tools and digital features now available to improve access for service users with accessibility needs.

2) University And College Campus Wayfinding Signage

Universities and further education colleges often have sprawling campuses with multiple buildings in close proximity to one another. It’s not always immediately obvious to students, visitors, and staff where particular faculties and amenities are located in a large university. Campus wayfinding signage not only helps users navigate around campus efficiently but also identifies key facilities, such as the university library or student union facilities, which can be especially useful for first-year students who are unfamiliar with their surroundings.

3) Wayfinding Signage For Multi-Occupancy Residential Buildings

Multi-occupancy residential buildings such as apartment blocks and student halls of residence can be bewildering places to navigate due to the sheer number of apartments within them. Installing effective wayfinding signage in these buildings makes it easier for residents, service providers, and guests to find their way around, whether they’re looking for a specific property or just trying to orient themselves within the building and grounds. Wayfinding safety signage is also a legal requirement in residential buildings. Clearly marked fire exits, assembly points, and access routes can facilitate better safety management in emergency situations when evacuation is necessary.

4) Leisure Centre/Gym Wayfinding Signage

Leisure centres, sports facilities, and gyms can be large spaces with multiple rooms and exercise areas dedicated to different activities, such as swimming pools, weight rooms, yoga classes etc – as well as changing areas, meeting rooms, and social facilities. Without clear directional indicators throughout the leisure centre, it can be problematic for new members and visitors to find their way around, wasting their time instead of enjoying the space itself, and detracting from the customer experience.

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Investing in good quality, well-designed wayfinding signage is essential in any industry that has customers navigating around a large building or complex on a regular basis. For advice on designing the best signage strategy for your organisation and customers, or to request a quote, please get in touch today by clicking here.


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