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How Modern Wayfinding Signage Promotes Security And Safety Management

Wayfinding signage helps visitors and customers navigate around your premises, helping them find what they are looking for without them getting lost and frustrated. In large buildings and complexes, such as hospitals, universities, and shopping centres, wayfinding signage can also promote better security and safety management by conveying crucial safety and evacuation instructions in several situations – including fire evacuations and other emergencies.

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Faster, More Effective Traffic Control

Both static and digital signs can integrate into effective, dynamic traffic control systems. A quality traffic signage network helps improve travel times between locations on your premises, promotes crowd cohesion, and prevents bottlenecks at busy times. Placing signs with directions and safety guidance at crucial points can improve movement flow and usability for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Better Information Management

Large, public-facing venues need an excellent standard of informative signage to prevent the safety and security issues that come with overcrowding. Customisable digital wayfinding displays allow event planners to direct patrons safely to their seats, facilities, and destinations from a central point of control and monitoring.

Interactive digital signs can also serve as freestanding information points that teach users about the venue's safety features, layout, and capabilities. Touchscreen computer displays at strategic points can make a wide range of information available and accessible to users - saving service staff time and effort.

Responsive Emergency Planning

Automation can enhance safety by quickly locking-off crucial areas and opening emergency exits in the event of overcrowding, fire, or an accident. By tracking crowd density and throughflow, AI-driven software can analyse the building or thoroughfare's current performance and busyness, displaying the appropriate information to regulate traffic flow in response to usage conditions. In an emergency, the hub can send helpful instructions to a venue-wide sign network to facilitate a fast and safe evacuation.

The Role Of Static Signage

Despite the growth of digital signage, there's still a clear niche for static wayfinding and utility signs. A fully signposted space is a happier, faster-moving one – and static signs are not susceptible to the risk of power outages and software problems that sometimes plague digital signage solutions.

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