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Been Let Down By Your Signage Company? It Doesn’t Have To Happen Again

Nobody wants the cost and disappointment of a let-down by a supplier. Thankfully, the good news is that with the right systems and third-party collaboration practices in place, showcasing your brand via digital signage doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Why Do Signage Companies Fail?

Creating signage is a collaborative process that requires experts from multiple professions. The ideal team will include design specialists, logistics planners, legal experts, craftsmen, installation teams, and an end-to-end project manager. Successful projects need to be supported by investments into advanced design software, digital CNC machinery, and high-quality materials. Finally, when the entire process is infused with excellent communication and a transparent approach, the results speak for themselves. If a signage company misses any of these points, the results are seen in delays, increased costs, and a lacklustre result.

Attention To Detail: An Overlooked Value

One of the reasons that collaboration is vital to corporate signage success is that attention to detail is demanded at every level – not just the ‘top levels’ of strategy and branding. At the design phase, teams need to create a bespoke, personalised solution that accurately conveys the vision of the brand. Many agencies are good at this part. However, at a logistical and production level, everything from planning to quality control and installation permits need to be considered.

Details such as project timescales, costs, and Health and Safety all require meticulous care. Many signage agencies outsource these parts of the process, which dilutes the chain of accountability. When any of these elements are neglected, the results can be costly, and not only in terms of lost leads. Each year, the inadequate design and installation of signage leads to injuries and fatalities, highlighting the importance of attending to every detail. We avoid this at Image Technique by managing every element of the design, production, delivery, and installation process in-house.

Scaling The Project

Commercial sign companies sometimes fail because they are unable to offer a scalable and responsive service. Although the attention to detail is the same, the logistical and planning requirements for small, one-off projects are different to large, multi-site programmes. Very few corporate signage specialists have the experience and resources to scale whilst ensuring that costs and timescales are accurate, and this can lead to errors. As such, one of the best ways of ensuring that the project is a success is to collaborate with a professional signage company that has the experience and resources to build a realistic, scaled project.

I’ve Been Let Down By My Commercial Sign Company – How Can Image Technique Help?

Being let down by a commercial signage company can be highly frustrating. At Image Technique, we see the results of disorganisation and a lack of attention to detail all-too-frequently. This has shaped our unique, personalised, well-resourced, and pragmatic approach to creating commercial digital display signage.

From start to finish, we listen, ensuring that the project is fine tuned to the customer’s objectives, timescale, and budget.

Next Steps

If you want to achieve on-point commercial signage without the disappointment of a let-down, Image Technique can help. For more information about how we work, or for a free quote, please get in touch with one of our signage design team today.