Wayfinding is a catch-all term for any sign or notice that helps people navigate their way around a building, business park, or built-up area. In practice, wayfinding means different things to different organisations, but is commonly deployed in shops and offices to identify different areas and departments and give people convenient directions. Wayfinding signs can also be used to identify specific products or special offers, and to help manage space – for example, by assigning areas for social distancing.

At Image, we design a wide range of wayfinding signs, from subtle arrows and walkways, to etched signs on internal windows - and everything in between.

Although wayfinding markings and signs serve a functional purpose, our approach is anything but mundane. We approach wayfinding marking design in the same way as any other branded object – as an opportunity to bring your brand to life and help it shine.

where are wayfinding signs used?

  • Retail units
  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial business parks and industrial parks
  • Factories and workshops
  • Car parks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels, bars, and restaurants
  • Pedestrianised high streets
  • Public parks
  • Libraries and public buildings
  • Leisure centres and sports facilities
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next steps

For a brand-conscious approach to wayfinding signs and markings, get in touch with the signage specialists at Image today. We can design practical wayfinding signs that are unambiguous and easy to understand, and that support your overall branding strategy. Please call 01527 388991 to find out more, or click the button below to request a quote.


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