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Pets at Home – New Image Roll-out

With over 450 stores across the UK, Pets at Home are without a doubt the nation’s biggest petcare brand. Over the years they’ve helped pet owners to be their best by adding veterinary care, grooming, insurance, a host of services and a foundation that helps pets in need.

Location: Leeds Birstall, Spalding, Romford and Bristol Emersons Green.


Client: Pets at Home

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The Works:

They are the undisputed top dog of what they do. Although their world of petcare brands have grown in reputation over the years, they have also grown apart in recognition. The varied identities, naming and brand experience created confusion, and a lack of recognition back to the master brand.

We have worked closely with Pets at Home to deliver their new vision and bring to life the fab four concept sites at Leeds Birstall, Spalding, Romford and Bristol Emersons Green.