Image Technique are proud partners with Telelogos, together we are providing an innovative Digital Solution to maximise your digital experience.

Media4Displays is a digital signage CMS which allows you to create and manage your media content. Accessed via web brower, this system provides you with the ability to easily plan your digital communications , control multimedia across a whole range of screen configurations.

Main Functions

Media Store

Supports all types of media content: Videos, photos, flash, powerpoint,web pages, rss feeds, interactive content…


Create groups of screens based on variables or any type of criteria (location,size, format…)


Divide displays into multi-zones which are associated with medias( Image, video, feeds…)


Playlist of media/slides to broadcast. With option to overlay banners/logos.


Consists of defining which sequences will be broadcast on the displays of various players at a given point in time.

Local Content Managment

Broadcast management can be entirely or partially delegated to local contributors.

External Data Sources

Media4Display software natively interfaces with other computer applications. Display in real-time, data from your database and information systems.


Thanks to API Media4Display interacts with external events. Content can be launched or interrupted by third-party applications, sensors or by the Media4Display remote control function available via a web browser on tablet or smartphone, etc.

Supervision and Administration


  • Administration and monitoring of fleets of screens or tablets
  • Player software update
  • Screen capture reports
  • Centralized alarms


  • Watchdog monitoring of player
  • Alarm messages in case of failure
  • Automatic player restart management
  • Screen ON/OFF function control


Media4Display software runs on Windows and Andriod and can be installed on any type of player hardware.

Mini PC
Interactive Kiosk
POS terminal
Set top box

Screen types and sizes

All screen technologies supported: LCD, OLED, LED panel, Video projection, Touch screen…

The software supports any screen size: 16/9, stretch, video walls, horizontally or vertically installed.

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