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Odeon Luxe Oslo Walkthrough

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With our ongoing relationship with Odeon, we were invited to deliver the signage for their newest site in Oslo, Norway.

As a UK based company, our production and installation team worked hard to manufacture and deliver the signage from our Bromsgrove site to Oslo.

The video showcases the illuminated lettering, videowalls and other assets we delivered.

Great to be involved on such a prestigious project.

Meet Pete

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With how busy things are for Image, we decided we needed to expand our Project Management team.

Peter will be joining our current Project Managers, looking after our longstanding clients. Encompassing everything from nationwide rollouts,  to one-off bespoke projects, Peter will take charge of jobs and make sure they progress from start to finish, on time and to spec.


Hi Peter, glad you’ve joined us. 

So what made you want to join the team?

I have worked in engineering and manufacturing for the best part of 20 years. I have spent many years working for 2 other big sign companies. I have joined Image Technique to continue broadening my knowledge within the industry. As a market leader, Image technique offer an amazing service to a variety of sectors. I’m looking forward to being an important part of bringing further success to the company. There is a very friendly team here and everyone within the company has made me feel very welcome.

When you are not here, what can you be found doing?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a two-year-old daughter and a Siberian husky. That’s a full-time job in itself.

Any other spare time, I like to travel and enjoy the great outdoors. I enjoy walking, mountain biking and fishing.

Name your favourite 80s film, and why?

The Goonies ….. absolute classic. I should have been in that.

What are your goals for 2018?

Winning the lottery

Eating more green food

Getting back to the gym

I’m definitely going to fit that infill panel in my new kitchen, it’s been 6 months now.

…… Oh, and my low-level LEDs

Seeing more of rural England

Hi Katy!

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We have a new starter with us here at Image – Katy Harris.

What do you do at Image? I’m currently working in a Project Support role & working toward taking my CSCS test in the next few weeks to enable me more opportunities to attend site & be more hands on, with the aim to become more involved with the Project Management side of things in the near future.

What made you want to join? I used to work with Image Technique at my previous job and they were great people to work with. When the opportunity came about to join the team I was over the moon to be accepted. Everyone here is so kind and welcoming you feel at home instantly!

When not at work, what can you be found doing? When I can I love to bake! I’m no where near Great British Bake off level but I like to give it a good go! I also enjoy doing the Cannon Hill 5k Park run each week & yoga I love a good movie & spending quality time with my fiancé…We’ve just started watching the new series Altered Carbon on Netflix!

Which 3 people (alive or not) would you invite to a dinner party? Hugh Jackman, Marilyn Monroe & Gerrard Butler

Pineapple on Pizza – For or Against? FOR! What’s not to like?

What are your goals for 2018? I’d like to achieve 5k in under 25mins and also take part in a Birmingham 10k this year. I’m not fussed how quick I complete the 10k, its all about the taking part that counts! To be able to say “I’ve completed 10k” would be an achievement in itself for me

Vacancy – Estimator

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We are looking for an experienced Estimator to join our growing team. Signage experience would be preferred, but a wider manufacturing background would be beneficial.

Your day to day tasks would be to:

  • Prepare cost budgets and cost estimates for new contracts
  • Keep existing contracts up to date, including making amendments, providing new cost estimates, and maintaining communication with the client
  • Adhere to company standards and guidelines when analysing and providing estimations; focus on maximising profit and customer satisfaction, while minimising any potential risks to the company
  • Prepare detailed, well-written proposals for each client, adhering to client guidelines while offering competitive and comprehensive cost estimates, and including supplementary documentation
  • Maintain relationships with existing clients keeping a sales-minded attitude, and seek out and build relationships with new clients
  • Work with contracts manager and design team to help with development, innovation, and creativity on client projects
  • Balance multiple proposals and estimations at once, ensuring each reaches the client by the deadline
  • Liaise with other company departments to maintain business development and continuously innovate new profitable outcomes

Positive, upbeat attitude, a natural collaborator and a team player who can work to a tight deadline – if this is you, then we would love to hear from you.

Drop us an email with your CV & details to:

Vacancy – Project Manager

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Are you an experienced, enthusiastic Project Manager? We want to hear from you!

We are looking for a Project Manager to join our expanding team. With a great 2017 behind us, we are looking to continue this into 2018.

If you have experience within the signage industry that’s great, but not a deal breaker.

We are looking for go getters, team players and people with a passion and drive to take on projects and take them from initial brief through to installation and final sign off with the client.

Having worked with some of the largest retailers, cinema chains and hoteliers in the UK over the past 20 years, Image Technique want to ensure that we build upon this legacy.

If you feel you fit the bill, drop us a email with your details and CV to:

Job Vacancy | Credit Controller

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Credit Controller

What are we looking for?

Image Technique have an exciting opportunity for an experienced Credit Controller to join our Accounts team on a full time basis. Payroll experience is preferable, but not essential.

If this role appeals please get in touch! Please send all CV’s to

If you are interested please fill out the form below or send your CV to

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Job Vacancy | Project Manager

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Project Manager

What are we looking for?

Image Technique have an exciting opportunity for a new Project Manager to join the expanding Project Management team. Experience within the signage industry is preferable, if this role appeals please get in touch! Please send all CV’s to

If you are interested please fill out the form below or send your CV to

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Job Vacancy | Signage CAD Technician

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Signage CAD Technician

What are we looking for?

  • Fully-skilled draughtsman using various p.c. based applications including AutoCAD 2D and CorelDraw.
  • Additional skills using SignLab or similar sign-making software would be advantageous.
  • Strong design & graphical ability required.
  • Full knowledge required of Signage Industry with experience of large scale projects.
  • Person should be self-motivated & able to produce full manufacture & proposal drawings in a busy drawing office environment.

If you are interested please fill out the form below or send your CV to

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Digital VS Traditional Signage

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Digital VS Traditional Signage

In today’s tech-savvy world, digital signage is all around us and is a becoming a norm in shopping malls, restaurants and retail shops. However, many of us are forgetting about traditional signage and how it’s in fact very beneficial and effective.

But the question is, what is the most effective way to direct, engage and captivate potential customers? Is it the new attractive digital signage or the unique elaborate traditional signage.  Let’s find out!

Digital signage is fastly becoming a contender in the signage industry, with its ability to quickly change an atmosphere & create an enticing display It’s resulting with customers engaging and spending more times in stores.

Many retailers such as New Look, Zara & H&M are now incorporating digital signage to attract customers into their shops. For example, New Look’s flagship store in Dublin has now introduce digital signage to maximise their customer experience as well as directing traffic to the lower floor of their store. By understanding the possibilities with digital signage, New Look are now navigating customers with elaborate digital signage & are using it to its full potential.

In fact, when looking at retail outlets, it was found that using digital screens increased customer satisfaction by  46% ( link to previous blog post) , these screens are able to enhance a customer’s experience  and create a new exciting atmosphere, as well as enticing customers to interact with what is on the screen.

Now, you may think that digital signage is the obvious choice in today’s modern world. BUT don’t rule out traditional signage just yet!

Traditional signage can be an essential component to a company’s marketing strategy which many individuals don’t realise. With signage being exposure 24/7, 365 days a year, consider it your silent salesperson for your business.

It’s a great cost effective way to ensure that your brand is constantly getting exposure to potential customer that pass by. By having creative displays, it draws attention to promotions & information displayed on your shop front.

Many shoppers buy on impulse, by having a captivating signs,  you’re able to take advantage of passer-by’s and draw them in on impulse.

So, what is the best way to promote & entice customers to your store?

Is it Tradition or Digital!?

 Our opinion is to use both methods! By using Digital & Traditional signage to promote your business you are covering all aspects of your marketing strategy.

Traditional signage coverts the branding and ensure that you’re visible 24/7,  365 days a year. By including this into your signage solutions, you’re ensuring that not missing out on potential customer passing by.

Done properly, physical signage can give a sense of a brand is well established, an integral part of the high street.

Utilising older methods of signage like sign painting and neon tubes (or even more modern versions of these techniques) will give a very distinctive, one off look which can really help push your aesthetic and message. As well as looking VERY cool.

With established brands building beautiful and technically challenging window pieces, these can become an ‘event’ with some real crowd drawing appeal. Think Christmas shop windows by some of the big department stores.

One of the biggest factors is the price. While digital options are decreasing in terms of start up and running costs, physical shop signage will always be cheaper. And for the clear majority of small businesses, a well-made, well thought out sign will be all they need.

On the other hand, digital gives a plethora of options. Ranging from relatively simple digital screens that function as menu boards, to fully fledged touchscreen offerings that allow the customer to gain information and make purchases, they can be tweaked and adapted to suit your needs.

While traditional signage is very much ‘static’ and can run the risk of blending into the background, digital can be classed as ‘dynamic’, with the options of uploading video or animation to a screen, keeping it fresh. Pushing this concept further, touchscreen capability allows for much deeper interactivity, with custom POS software running in the background.

This provides you with increased footfall, especially in stores which deal with large volume, small value purchases, where the customer effectively serves themselves.

In our opinion, a blend of physical shop window styling and digital complements each other, bringing an engaging, interactive display with the spectacle and presence that  only physical signage can provide.

The Future Of Signage

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Signage has been around for centuries, it’s likely the first signs were made as early as the 14th century BC. As well, the Romans used signage to customise their wine shops and tabernae’s to differentiate the different shops. Signage has always been seen throughout history and has developed throughout the years.

From what signage used to be to what it is now, it has advanced dramatically. But what does this mean for the future of modern day signage?

There are many out there theories such as holograms, laser beams & 3D Displays, which all seem achievable in today’s tech savvy world, but the most obvious advance in signage right now, is the rise of digital signage.

Digital Signage has fastly become a common sight in today’s retail & restaurants outlets. With their ability to attract attention easily & provide multiple signs in one digital screen, they are an excellent way to engage with potential customers.

When looking at retail outlets, it was found that using digital screens increased customer satisfaction by  46%. This dramatic increase shows that having a digital displays encourages customers to stay & explore your retail outlet as they are satisfied with their experience, in fact customers spent 30% more time in stores due to digital signage.

This may be due to the fact digital signage can be interactive as well as eye-catching. It reminds and informs customers what your shop contains and encourages them to purchase your products .It’s a perfect way to boost your brand by displaying colourful advertisements and promotions directly to your customers.

It also has been shown that digital signage has been effective in the food & beverage industry. Customers want an easy to read menu board and this is exactly what digital signage can provide. With their ability to show multiple content and engage with customers, it results in 1 in 5 people making unplanned purchases after seeing items featured on the digital screens.

Digital displays are strikingly bright and it’s hard for anyone to miss these displays, this is why they are perfect to cut through the busy crowds.

Here are just 3 things to consider when thinking about investing into digital displays.

 1.  Be Enticing.

There is a lot of background noise & competition, you need to ensure your displays reaches out to the majority. Include colourful graphics & text to draw your potential clients in.

2.  Time Your Displays

With the luxury of being able to upload at any time & place its vital to time it correctly to ensure your display is effective and has the correct customers engaging with it. Think outside the box to lure people in with creative & well timed digital displays

3. Be innovating

Digital displays are an effective marketing tool, they can engage and interact with customers 24/7. This opportunity means that you are able to boost your brand to the full, if used correctly. Be different & quirky and stand out from the crowd.