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Meet Pete

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With how busy things are for Image, we decided we needed to expand our Project Management team.

Peter will be joining our current Project Managers, looking after our longstanding clients. Encompassing everything from nationwide rollouts,  to one-off bespoke projects, Peter will take charge of jobs and make sure they progress from start to finish, on time and to spec.


Hi Peter, glad you’ve joined us. 

So what made you want to join the team?

I have worked in engineering and manufacturing for the best part of 20 years. I have spent many years working for 2 other big sign companies. I have joined Image Technique to continue broadening my knowledge within the industry. As a market leader, Image technique offer an amazing service to a variety of sectors. I’m looking forward to being an important part of bringing further success to the company. There is a very friendly team here and everyone within the company has made me feel very welcome.

When you are not here, what can you be found doing?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a two-year-old daughter and a Siberian husky. That’s a full-time job in itself.

Any other spare time, I like to travel and enjoy the great outdoors. I enjoy walking, mountain biking and fishing.

Name your favourite 80s film, and why?

The Goonies ….. absolute classic. I should have been in that.

What are your goals for 2018?

Winning the lottery

Eating more green food

Getting back to the gym

I’m definitely going to fit that infill panel in my new kitchen, it’s been 6 months now.

…… Oh, and my low-level LEDs

Seeing more of rural England

Hi Katy!

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We have a new starter with us here at Image – Katy Harris.

What do you do at Image? I’m currently working in a Project Support role & working toward taking my CSCS test in the next few weeks to enable me more opportunities to attend site & be more hands on, with the aim to become more involved with the Project Management side of things in the near future.

What made you want to join? I used to work with Image Technique at my previous job and they were great people to work with. When the opportunity came about to join the team I was over the moon to be accepted. Everyone here is so kind and welcoming you feel at home instantly!

When not at work, what can you be found doing? When I can I love to bake! I’m no where near Great British Bake off level but I like to give it a good go! I also enjoy doing the Cannon Hill 5k Park run each week & yoga I love a good movie & spending quality time with my fiancé…We’ve just started watching the new series Altered Carbon on Netflix!

Which 3 people (alive or not) would you invite to a dinner party? Hugh Jackman, Marilyn Monroe & Gerrard Butler

Pineapple on Pizza – For or Against? FOR! What’s not to like?

What are your goals for 2018? I’d like to achieve 5k in under 25mins and also take part in a Birmingham 10k this year. I’m not fussed how quick I complete the 10k, its all about the taking part that counts! To be able to say “I’ve completed 10k” would be an achievement in itself for me