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The Future Of Signage

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Signage has been around for centuries, it’s likely the first signs were made as early as the 14th century BC. As well, the Romans used signage to customise their wine shops and tabernae’s to differentiate the different shops. Signage has always been seen throughout history and has developed throughout the years.

From what signage used to be to what it is now, it has advanced dramatically. But what does this mean for the future of modern day signage?

There are many out there theories such as holograms, laser beams & 3D Displays, which all seem achievable in today’s tech savvy world, but the most obvious advance in signage right now, is the rise of digital signage.

Digital Signage has fastly become a common sight in today’s retail & restaurants outlets. With their ability to attract attention easily & provide multiple signs in one digital screen, they are an excellent way to engage with potential customers.

When looking at retail outlets, it was found that using digital screens increased customer satisfaction by  46%. This dramatic increase shows that having a digital displays encourages customers to stay & explore your retail outlet as they are satisfied with their experience, in fact customers spent 30% more time in stores due to digital signage.

This may be due to the fact digital signage can be interactive as well as eye-catching. It reminds and informs customers what your shop contains and encourages them to purchase your products .It’s a perfect way to boost your brand by displaying colourful advertisements and promotions directly to your customers.

It also has been shown that digital signage has been effective in the food & beverage industry. Customers want an easy to read menu board and this is exactly what digital signage can provide. With their ability to show multiple content and engage with customers, it results in 1 in 5 people making unplanned purchases after seeing items featured on the digital screens.

Digital displays are strikingly bright and it’s hard for anyone to miss these displays, this is why they are perfect to cut through the busy crowds.

Here are just 3 things to consider when thinking about investing into digital displays.

 1.  Be Enticing.

There is a lot of background noise & competition, you need to ensure your displays reaches out to the majority. Include colourful graphics & text to draw your potential clients in.

2.  Time Your Displays

With the luxury of being able to upload at any time & place its vital to time it correctly to ensure your display is effective and has the correct customers engaging with it. Think outside the box to lure people in with creative & well timed digital displays

3. Be innovating

Digital displays are an effective marketing tool, they can engage and interact with customers 24/7. This opportunity means that you are able to boost your brand to the full, if used correctly. Be different & quirky and stand out from the crowd.

4 Reasons why Window Graphics are so important

4 Reasons Why Window Graphics Are So Important

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Why are Window Graphics so Important?

1. Pique Curiosity

When walking down a busy high street, many shops, restaurants and cafes have creative signage to draw your attention towards their stores. But what they also have is exciting and attractive window displays.

They are a great opportunity to grab the attention of passers-by and get people interested in your store. Many retailers decorate their stores to spark interest with potential customers, there are many ways this is easily achieved. For example, if you are a Café who sells cakes, by creating a unique display showing the variety of cakes you sell it may attract potential customers into your store.

By advertising your products/service in an attractive display, you are more likely to attract your target audience & entice them into your store.

2. Small Investment, Big Impression

Window graphics are extremely cost effective, which makes them the ideal choice for creating a unique display. Some window decals don’t require planning permission, which means you may be able to eliminate all the time and money you associated with applying for permission

For a small investment, you are able to create a big impression on your potential clients and hopefully have a lasting effect on them.

3. Adaptable

In today’s world, you are always looking for a bargain and that’s just what Window graphics are. These graphics can be easily changed, which means that you can change and update your shop front whenever you require.

This allows your company to keep up with current trend and seasonal offers, ensuring you are ahead of your competitors.

4. Brand Support

Window graphics sometimes are the first thing a potential customer will see regarding your brand. They are an excellent opportunity to emphasise  your brand and create a stunning visual for clients to ensure they know exactly who and what your brand is about.

When combined with the signage of a store, they become an amazing team and can offer a sleek, professional storefront to entice potential customers.

Window Graphics are an important feature to any shop front, as they grab potential customers attention as well as being a 24/7 advertising opportunity. With their ability to fit in any situation, they are an ideal choice to promote shop offers & stand out from the surrounding competition. If your business haven’t considered Window Graphics, it could be a missed opportunity to create an attractive display that have a lasting effect on your customer.

For further information on how you can change your dull shop front into something enticing to customers. Get in touch with Image Technique & start the process.

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”