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Benefits of using LED’s for Signage

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Benefits of LED’S for Signage

There are three main choices for illuminating signage. Neon, fluorescent and LED’s. At Image Technique, we believe LED’s are an exciting way to light up colourful and creative displays.

Here are 10 reasons to why LED’s are growing in popularity worldwide.


Long Life

LED’s can last up to 50,000 – 100,000 hours, which is longer than both neon and fluorescent signage. Image have implemented the same technology into our own Hi-Brite channel letters, ensuring long lasting lighting. With Hi-Brite’s new technology, they maintain a better level of brightness throughout their long lifespan. 



LED’s are strikingly bright, which is what differentiates them from the rest. With new advances in technology, it means that no matter what time of the day, LEDS give a clear impression. With Hi-Brite technology Image Technique have implemented, we are able to control the level of brightness to suit your desires.



With Neon & florescent lighting, it can be a constant battle to keep it fully lit and consistently bright. LED’s eliminate this problem by their advanced technology, we are now able to ensure they are brighter for longer to impress customers. But not only is the brightness more impressive, LED’s can come in different colours, creating  colourful decorative signage pieces.


Environmentally Friendly

LED signage only uses 10 watts of power, which is 80% less energy than neon signs. We have implemented the same qualities into our own Hi-Brite channel letters, this puts less of a strain on the environment as less power is being used, but as well as having a significant reduction in lighting costs.


Low Maintenance

With LED’s long lifespan, brightness & efficiency it all results in fewer maintenance demands. All of our Hi-Brite letters are designed with easy front access for cleaning, maintaining and repairing purposes. This allows the letters to be repaired or cleaned within minutes.



LED’s don’t need any tubes, which makes them a lot thinner. With the average neon channel letter being 3-5 inches, we can get our Hi-Brite letters as thin as 35mm – 40mm, saving shipping and installation costs


Superior Signage Opportunities

LED’s can be used to create mostly anything you like. With our abilities to design, manufacture and install. We can create movement, digital flashes, colour changes and animations, resulting in being able to develop mostly everything and anything.



LED’s are extremely durable, which makes them great for outdoor lightening. With them being resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts they can withstand rough conditions and expose to weather such as wind and rain.  Hi-Brite designs are equipped with a drain hole and high-quality materials ensuring it’s a perfect solution to external signage.


Zero UV Emissions

LED’s little-infrared light and close to no UV emissions means they are great for sensitive objects or materials in such places as museums, archaeological sites and so on.



Operational in different climates

Due to LED technology, they are ideal for cold and low outdoor temperature settings. Fluorescent lamps can struggle in low temperatures and may affect their abilities to performs, but LED illumination systems are able to deliver in cold setting such as outdoor winter settings and freezer rooms.

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